Took my car in to get fixed. And I’m just realizing how dependent I am of it. I miss my car. 😪



I was in my room praying and I was crying and I guess my mom heard me and she came in and she was startled and she asked why I was crying and I explained that I was praying and it’s just part of what I believe and she said she wanted to pray with me so I held her hand and I started praying for our family and she started crying and she told me to stop because she was scared and she didn’t want to pray anymore and I explained that God was making himself known to her but that if she wants to stop it’s ok because he is a respecter of man and won’t push himself on anyone and she wanted me to explain who god is and I explained him coming down and dying for us so that one day we can living eternally and I explained how he is love and grace and mercy and he is the one who blesses us with breath. And she started asking why so many bad things happen and I explained that in the beginning God gave us free will and with free will comes consequences good or bad. He can help people but he doesn’t cause the bad. It’s all just part of life but we have the choice to believe in Him and when we accept Him none of the bad matters because He is our healer and He is everything we need and she said that she is so tired of our family being broken and everyone hating each other then she asked me again to pray and I said “Are you sure? What if you cry?” And she told me that it’s ok because she wants to believe in god and she wants to be happy and we prayed and she started crying again and I told her that it’s ok to cry because it’s a healing process and Jesus can heal all of the broken. It is just like deep cleaning. Sometimes you gotta bring up all the bad and ugly to make it shiny and new again. And when we were done praying she told me she wants to visit church with me and this is the most amazing that has ever happened because my mom absolutely hates church and threw a big anger fit when I started living for Jesus & God is really beginning to soften her heart & He is just so amazing. Sweden is a very anti-religious country so for my mom to want to build a relationship with God is absolutely amazing to me & I am so happy!